Abstinence for Sufferers of Hemorrhoids

To regain a healthy body, not just the treatment is started, but must also look at what are Abstinence for Sufferers of Hemorrhoids, among others : 

Abstinence for sufferers of Hemorrhoids

Subtract The Food Spicy And Sour

If you frequently consume the food spicy and sour, then from now on immediately reduce or stop consuming different types of these foods. Spicy and acidic foods will effect not good for sufferers of hemorrhoids and risk aggravating the disease.

Avoid Fatty Foods

Fatty foods are basically not good for overall health and especially for sufferers of hemorrhoids. Consume excessive fatty foods potentially aggravating disease hemorrhoids.

Make Sure The Food Is Cool

The hemorrhoid sufferers are advised to avoid foods that are still hot. If the food is still hot dishes, preferably in the refrigerator first, and do not directly eaten while still hot. At least wait until food becomes warm and not have to wait until completely cool.

Don't Be Too Much Sitting

For sufferers of hemorrhoids should not sit too much. In daily work does require you to much, then pause, take a few moments to stand or walk for a bit. In addition, try not to overcook when squats on the toilet. This can trigger swelling of the blood vessels in the anal.

Stay away from cigarettes and Booze

Smoking and alcoholic drinks are not good for consumption because it can cause a variety of ailments. No exception for hemorrhoids disease, smoking habit and drank liquor can aggravate hemorrhoids disease suffered. ( wasirkill.blogspot.com )

By knowing some Abstinence for Sufferers of Hemorrhoids , can you be more careful treatment that you run also can deliver maximum results. We also have the right to treatment recommendations Obat Herbal Ambeien Saat Hamil.

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