Treatment of Hemorrhoids When Pregnant

Treatment of Hemorrhoids When Pregnant,-In most cases of hemorrhoids are often suffered by the employees of the Office have to sit for hours in perpetuity so that less movement, even to one sport didn't get "so busy". But in fact, hemorrhoids are also widely experienced by pregnant mothers.

Hemorrhoids When Pregnant

There are several factors that can cause the onset of hemorrhoids, which are:
  • Hormonal changes in the body,-during the period of pregnancy, the levels of the hormone progesterone increases to strengthen or hold the fetus in the womb. At the same time, these hormones inhibit peristalsis of the digestive muscles that are required for the journey of food from the digestive tract to the sewer running smoothly.
  • The size of the fetus growing in stature, urgent – it can be a number of blood vessels around the abdomen and pelvis.
  • Constipation,-a study conducted by Dr. Bradley of the Department of Obstetrics, University of Iowa, United States. From his research, he found that 25 percent of pregnant women suffer from constipation and these conditions can continue for up to three months after childbirth. If the constipation is not immediately addressed, the risk of damage to the pelvic muscles become larger and cause hemorrhoids. Even in the majority of cases, constipation causes hemorrhoids common in most people.
  • Physical movement especially the limited stomach during pregnancy

Basically the hemorrhoids occur in pregnant women is indeed not too dangerous, but just that it would disrupt the daily activities of the mother. Therefore, treatment for hemorrhoids that are experienced by pregnant women should be treated.

Treatment of Hemorrhoids When Pregnant Naturally and Safely

Jelly Gamat Gold-G is a product of health production PT.GNE that became the best recommendations for helping to heal disease hemorrhoids when pregnant with herbal treatment methods that are safe with no side effects. Made of selected species of Golden Stichopus Variegatus or better known as the marine animals called sea cucumber. Processed in high quality using modern technology without dangerous chemicals through a series of research experts, so that the tested and proven that Jelly Gamat Gold-G this is LAWFUL and safe consumption of all ages, including pregnant women.

The effectiveness of sea cucumber Jelly Gamat gold Gold-G in helping various types of treatment is due to the high nutrient content and complete nutrition in it include diverse types of compounds such as Proteins, collagen 80,0% 86,8%, Mukopolisakarida, Glucosaminoglicans (GAGs), Chondroitin, minerals, amino acids, Omega 3, a natural Antiseptic, Vitamin B, Lectin, Saponin, and Gamapeptide.

Gamapeptide in sea cucumber gold serves as a special compound does not belong to another species with its function to prevent inflammation or inflammation, accelerating wound healing through 3 x folding, relieve pain, activates the growth of cells, making the skin more youthful and rapidly, stabilizing the emotions and keep the blood circulation. Ability to speed healing of the inflammation and sores also can occur in people with hemorrhoids that are experiencing inflammation or injury in the area around the anus they are healthy so it can be returned.

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